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To Toronto from Sydney Aust.. with 13yr old!

Hi all! Long time reader and have just joined to post today!

I have been offered a transfer via my work to Toronto commencing after Sept Protected content is flexi)

I am 34 and widowed with a 13yr old son who will be at the end of his first year in high school here in Oz and will (i believe) be starting in Yr 8 in Toronto

My work place is in the city on Bay St and I have been looking for apartments but I wanted to find a school for him first.. I've looked up rankings and such but would prefer feedback from other expats who have kids in schools to help me decide

Is there a main schoo in central Torontol that is popular with expat kids? Are there any fellow aussies on this forum that have kids in schools and which ones are they? I think that it would help my son adjust and settle in a new country if there are kids with mutual circumstances around him.. (and please correct me if I am wrong and you have had a different experience)

Ideally I will be looking for accomodation that is halfway between my work and his school (with priority towards the school so its easier for my son to get there)

Thank you!