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Your First Winter Here? (Toronto)


Be prepared for your First Winter. Points to Consider

Maybe you are renting a Condo / Apartment / Basement , but winters in Canada can be Brutal. Here are a few guidance points to help you stay Warm.

1) Invest in Proper Winter clothing if you are alone its going to be okay for Family it could be expensive , but one right investment and you are good for Next 10 years. ( I suggest You look for Winter Jackets like Canada Goose, Columbia or North Face) Specially go for anything above Protected content ( filled with Down Feathers) these Jackets can handle upto Protected content easily.

2) Make sure to layerup well. Meaning its time to use Long Jones under your standard pants. If you are coming from anywhere in Asia / tropical country it might be shock for you. It can get bitter cold.

3) Be weary of the Wind Chill even if it is Sunny and weather is a bit on higher side, be careful make sure to have your Woolen Caps, Mufflers, hand gloves and Woolen socks.

4) its very important to get the right Winter Shoes. If you live in Brampton i would suggest check out the Sears outlet store in queen street , you can get a good pair of Timberlands for just 50.00 CAD.

5) if you are someone that loves to drink , Keep a bottle of Brandy handy. Old people have said Brandy with hot water keeps your body warm.

6) Insulate your windows. In home depot or Lowe's or any home improvement stores you can get window insulation kit for about 20 CAD. Get a couple of them and insulate your windows. You can save your expenditure on Electricity by this way.

7) if you are a meat eater try the Goat Feet Soup or try eating Quail . It will surely keep you warm. Sorry no offense to the Vegetarians or Vegans.

8) Lastly enjoy the Snow. We are a Multicultural country , we celebrate every season with a lot of Passion. Enjoy the beauty of Canada enjoy the Snow. Enjoy skating on the Lakes, Snow fishing. and loads more that this beautiful country has to offer.

Welcome to Canada.

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