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Couple caretakers / renovators / hosts / artisans (Toulouse)

Hello, we are an international couple in good health, hard workers with many useful skills and a shop full of tools. We seek an artisan and/or caretaker’s position in a rural property, vineyard or gîte preferably in the south of France (Languedoc Roussillon, Midi, Aquitaine, the Provence-Alps Côte d'Azur). We are currently doing a renovation job at a vineyard in Provence. We are building new elements, redecorating, restoring and cleaning up the property. We will finish that project at the end of May, before the season starts. We are looking for a similar position from June on.


• Mustapha El Hamzaoui (born 1/1/ Protected content a professional carpenter and cabinetmaker. He has more than 20 years experience in both traditional and modern carpentry and joinery, as well as plenty of experience in the general building trade. We invite you to visit his web site: Protected content so you can see his work and judge for yourself.
• Chef of Moroccan delicacies, his country of origin, he makes excellent couscous, tajine, harira soup and other Near East specialties.
• Languages spoken: Arabic, French, Spanish, Berber, some English and Catalan.
• Good chauffeur with his own vehicle.

• “Nikola” Frederique Renée Meerburg (born 8/4/1971, Netherlands) is initially an academy artist, specialized in the representation of animals in form of sculpture, drawings, paintings and murals.
• Professional welder and metal worker, she has more than 20 years experience in the industrial world and construction work. You can see both her art and metal work on her website: Protected content
• She is currently host and manager of a small but popular Barcelona guest house. You can make a virtual visit to the Sunflower House on the Airbnb Web site: Protected content , where we are both much recommended by our guests.
• Languages spoken and written: English, French, Dutch, Spanish and some Catalan.
• Excellent command of the internet, Microsoft Office. Creation of websites.
• Good international cook, specialties include salads, soups, fresh juices/smoothies and barbecue/grill

Based on our experience in arts, the construction trade and hosting of foreign guests, we are seeking a caretakers and builder’s position in a rural property, vineyard or gîte with possibilities to offer you:
- the security, maintenance and restoration of your property
- custom-built furniture and interiors
- custom metal and forging work (security bars, barbecue grills, metal supports etc.)
- gardening, landscaping and forestry
- the creation of a sculpture garden or a tree house
- murals and trompe d’oeil decorations
- booking and hosting guests in several languages
- art and craft classes for children and adults
- taking care of kids, babysitting
- taking care of animals and livestock
- administration, correspondence, translation and making of custom websites
- chauffeur
- cleaning, laundry and other housework
- the shopping, cooking and serving of delicious and healthy meals

We work well autonomously; make an effective team together and like working with others. We are both positive, friendly, honest people and get on well with adults, kids and animals alike.

We seek a position which offers salary and lodging. Important: we need to be able to use or rent a workshop / garage / barn / industrial space with electricity (3 fase if possible) on or near the property to store our tools and materials, and work.

We have 3 dogs:
- a Labrador, "Snug": 7 years old, friendly, obsessed with tennis balls, a good guard dog. Male, castrated.
- a small whippet mix , "Dansa": sweet and friendly, loves to run. Female, neutered.
- the puppy “Simon”, a German Shepherd mixed with something smaller, very playful. Male.
All are healthy, have their shots, papers and are chipped. They are friendly with adults and kids, while still proper watchdogs that will alert if there is anyone coming.

If you would like copies of our curriculums and references, photographs of past projects or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We thank you for your attention. Sincerely yours,

Mustapha El Hamzaoui and Nikola Meerburg

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