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Fun math games for young children (MSc project) (Toulouse)

Hi expat moms,

I am a master student at the Université Paris V in child development and psychology. I have a degree in education and child development from Harvard and I have worked in several organizations as an education specialist, such as the World Bank and UNESCO.

As part of my research project, I'm developing fun board games for young children Protected content old) to help them to develop early mathematic skills, such as counting, identifying shapes and patters, etc.

This project will be later used at a large scale in developing countries, such as in South American and Africa, in order to help poor parents to enrich their home learning environment given that access to high quality preschool in those countries is very limited.

I'm searching for Protected content and their young children (who speak English) to test these materials. I'd send them over by mail with instructions on how to use the games while promoting early math skills in the children. You could keep all the materials once you have tested them. All I would ask in return is your feedback by phone of how the materials worked, didn't work, suggestions, etc.

I will NOT publish any data on this testing. My actual data collection will take place in group workshops for mothers that I will hold in Paris and Toulouse from April to June. This current phase is simply to TEST the materials that I will later use in the actual data collection phase.

Although I go to school in Paris, I have family and friends in Toulouse, so I'm often there. I love Toulouse :)

If you are interested, please send me an email to Protected content

You can check my LinkedIn profile at Protected content

Thank you,

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