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New book about Occitane gastronomy (Toulouse)

My new book, MENU FROM THE MIDI, explores French gastronomy from the farmer’s field to the dining room table. Concentrating on the south of France, the book is structured as a menu carefully compiled to give the reader a balanced diet of gastronomy, history, legend and local colour.
Rather than tell you more about it myself, here’s the first feedback I have received from an early reader.


"I have just closed the account of your beautiful gastronomic journey through the South of France in search of the most authentic specialties, and I am under its spell!
Yesterday evening, I watched a television programme which showed the landscapes of the Midi-Toulousain seen from the air, and I felt as if I were reliving the encounters described by you in MENU FROM THE MIDI.
Each chapter of your menu tackles a very different subject and reawakens old memories while addressing the present and the future of our existence in Occitanie, and even evoking the problem of feeding the world’s growing population.
It is with great emotion that I close this book, telling myself that my English may not have enabled me to capture the full depth and details of MENU FROM THE MIDI. I must reread it, I must return to the dining room table and listen again to everything that the people you have met communicate to us. Thanks to you, they guide us through this journey to the very heart of gastronomic traditions with precision, dedication and even lyricism. Thank you, Colin!"
Ginette Durand-Gorry, 14 October Protected content

My book is available in print and ebook formats from major online retailers around the world. As for sales outlets in Occitanie, I’m in the process of distributing it to various tourist offices, museums and bookshops (several already stock my first book, LAURAGAIS: STEEPED IN HISTORY, SOAKED IN BLOOD). For an up-to-date list, visit my website: Protected content .

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