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Tips on dealing with estate agents (Toulouse)

Do not assume that real estate agents are honest and while this might be true in other countries, it always surprises me how dishonest people really are when it comes to business.
Be aware that the price they quote you, whether buying or renting may not be true. You have no recourse if you find them in a lie. My suggestion is to ask for written evidence.
Unfortunately, this doesn't always work even if you have a contract. I have a contract with Cabinet du Printemps who changed it without informing me - even as a courtesy. That has to be wrong in any country. It is no wonder people don't trust real estate agents.
The company to avoid for rennovations, from my personal experience, is Sogefi. They too do not keep promises. Quelle surprise! Essentially, think like a law student and assume that nothing you receive in writing is worth the paper it's written on.
Donc, caveat emptor applies in mountain proportions here. If they shake your hand, count your fingers afterwards.

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