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Warning (Toulouse)

Be aware that there is a professional scam/con artist working in Europe that preys on Ex-Pats

Up to now he has conned five separate households that we know of and used four different names and he even has passport in the name that he is using at the time. He speaks with an Australian accent, is about 6 feet tall, fairly thin, has a gaunt looking face and in his mid fifties. He usually offers to do building or mechanical work for you in return for board and lodgings but if you meet him in a bar or restaurant he may give you a sob story about living apart from his partner and daughter and ask you for money

He arrives in a stolen British registered dark blue Honda CRV

His usual routine is to say that he was robbed/mugged yesterday usually in Paris or similar big city. This is the reason why he has no papers, no money and no credit cards and whilst he was driving today he was stopped by the Police and given a 90€ fine for using his phone whilst driving. He then asks you to buy him some cigarettes (usually Witfield), get him a top up for his two mobile phones and some special headache tablets The next move is to ask you to collect some money for him that is being sent via Western Union and as he has no papers can he receive it in your name. As you can prove who you are, you will be able to collect this money with no problem. This action together with the attention to detail that he achieves plus the large amount of information you are told or snippets of telephone conversations that you overhear are such so that his stories though sometimes way out is actually believable
He is very plausible and friendly and makes himself very useful to you. He will also possibly discuss a business venture with you if the opportunity arises

Once he has gained your confidence he will borrow more money from you and offer or give to you two Qantas airline tickets to Australia. Then because of the high commission rate charged by Western Union he will ask if he can transfer some money to your bank account.

He may also ask if he can bring his partner and his daughter to stay with you because of family problems in the UK. You will also be asked to transfer some money from your bank account to a bank account at Barclays Hounslow 2 branch

Be warned. You will never receive any more money and he will stay with you until you say “no” Do not let him get anywhere near your credits cards or passport or on your computer as late last year he managed to rob another Australian of all her life savings and built up an outstanding debt then drove off in her car.

He is well aware that unlike the UK there is not such a crime of obtaining money by deception in France so if you do report it to the Police they will say nothing to do with us, it is a civil matter
We have now got an authority to start to take action against this man but more information is needed before any positive action can really taken so please let us know if you see this man or are aware of anybody who has been scammed by him

A photograph of him and more information is available upon request

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