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After work Lime / Parties at my house (Trinidad & Tobago)

Hello to all,

I would like to invite people to my house to lime and have parties. I will give notification of when these are happened, we try every 2 weeks on Fridays at around 5 PM. We have these functions to raise money for a nice ball in November every year. That being said, we are selling alcohol, beer, juice, drinks, candy, chocolate, red and white wine. Also we have hamburgers, veggie burgers, and hotdogs for sale. You will find our prices are cheaper than what you will find out in town. Just come by and find out.

I ask to be emailed if you are coming along with guests and how many. We keep these limes and parties with security and safety in mind. I would like to see many new faces but with you having an understanding that I’m not going to except just anyone with a great number of people that I don’t know. This is on a trust level, I’m sure everyone understands. Also I am up to any new ideas that you should have. My goal is to make these functions great.

Kids are more than welcome to come!!! They have an area to play. We have a nice built in pool for swimming and great big back yard with patio. Entertainment such table pool, darts, and fosse ball table and Music. You can dance too, if you want. :)

I will give my phone number and address once I receive an email if you wish. Give me a call if any problems arise at the front gate of my house.
Please contact me regarding any information, comments or requests. Thank you. Protected content

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