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Are u ready for an earthquake or Tsunami? (Trinidad & Tobago)

I look at the tv showing pictures of the devastation in Japan and the impending danger of nuclear exposure to the Japanese people and I cringe.

I find myself being forced to think the "what if" thoughts?? How can you really prepare for an earthquake or a Tsunami? I am still trying to wrap my brain around it. For instance: I work in the Westmoorings area and live in the valley along with my aging parents. There will be no warnings at all.

Every time I come out of the building that I work, I look towards the direction of the sea and think to myself, "well that are some tall buildings and a good few houses before they get to my building. Still not consoling enough. There really is no where to run.

For those of us with children, how do we protect our children?

I guess this is where one has to take a radical approach and think to oneself: Let the chips fall where they may.

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