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Carnival is OVER!! Life goes back to normal! (Trinidad & Tobago)

Carnival Festivities are over and it is back to our normal routine whatever that maybe for you all.

My Carnival was a "sick" one. Husband got the flu and mixed high blood pressure table with Tydenol Multisymtome tables and he was not in the best of health. So Carnival was spent at home watching the bands cross the stage on tv.

My sister, who had a problem with her knee was out on the streets playing her mas with her crutch. Talk about a good way to get attention! She had a ball.

It is back to work from today, getting paper off my desk and getting ready for my son's SEA exams. He assures me that he will do well and to stop worrying, but it can't be helped.

Queen's Royal College is the school of choice. This school has seen the likes of Dr. Eric Williams, 1st Prime Minister of TnT; Deryck Murray, West Indies Cricketer; George Maxwell Richards, President of Trinidad and Tobago; Sir Vidia Naipaul, Nobel-prize winning author; Wendell Mottle, Olympic silver medalist and politician; Karl Hudson-Phillips, Judge of the International Criminal Court and former Attorney General of TnT; Eric Williams, Politician and former Minister of Energy; and Messrs. Richard Thompson and Marc Burns, both athletes and Olympic medalists - to name a few.

A College established on March 25, Protected content is noted for its famous Victorian architecture and tradition of multi-faceted education which continues to produce some of Trinidad and Tobago's leading thinkers, athletes, artists and politicians.

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