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Change in the UK after a hung Parliament (Trinidad & Tobago)

Can a small country like Trinidad and Tobago follow in the footsteps of a giant? I am no political analyst nor am I usually interested in politics but Protected content certainly shown that it is going to be a year for change.

I woke up at 5am this morning to the election coverage going on in the UK and very quickly I had pen and paper out trying to follow what was going on with the results. Having lived in England for 2 years, I found it highly amusing listening to the typical dry humour by the commentators ie Brown holding on to his position by his fingertips - I had visions of Gordon Brown hanging over a huge cliff hanging on by his finger tips..... They certainly have a way with words...

The following website: Protected content gives a live coverage.

There were some major problems at the polling stations:
1) The Polling Stations did not have enough ballot paper for people to vote.
2) People did not get to the polling stations early enough to vote before the deadline time and caused long queues.
3) Many did not have their polling cards, which significantly adds time.
4) Some people went to the wrong polling station.

BBC political editor Nick Robinson said: "What a tragedy that, after a campaign which engaged and energised many who were previously cynical about politics, tonight's story may be being over-shadowed by the extraordinary revelation that Britain cannot competently run the most basic part of the democratic process."

I believe that Trinidad and Tobago will learn from the above problems and show the Brits how to get the job done.

The British electorate obviously voted for new politics and change in the hope of dealing with the serious and urgent issues that face them during this year and for the future. But to do this will require a coalition government (Conservative/Liberal Democrats) which has been totted to NOT work. We shall see....

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