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Cloak & Dagger Election Date (Trinidad & Tobago)

As at today's date, no election date has been announced to the population of T&T. The cloak and dagger behaviour has drawn stinging comments from the opposition especially Jack Warner on the campaign trail. Although I was rolling on my bed, killing myself with laughter at how Jack Warner described his perception of this situation, I have to admit that he was making sense. It raises the question as to "why all this secrecy over an election date?"

This reminds me of when I was a child and my parents wanted to give me an incentive to study hard to get good grades in school. Being all excited and dreaming of all the possibilities of what the incentive could be, I would sometimes try to wean it out of them and like the Prime Minister, all I would get from them was - don't worry, soon you will know.... As I grew older and I saw the same tactics with my younger siblings, I came to realize that the reason formy parents not wanting to commit themselves to "what" the incentive was going to be was because they had to wait to see first if I made the grades and then there was the task of finding the money to buy me something decent.

I am no longer a child, the Prime Minister is not my parent, I am not working to get good grades to get a prize - why then is the Prime Minister playing this wait and see game not just with me but with a population of 1Mn+ people?

Well the count down of the 90 days have started so we will just have to watch and wait. I find myself keep looking up to the sky, but ah not seeing any tell tale signs - as yet....

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