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Coaching Corner Series - #1 (Trinidad & Tobago)

Up until June Protected content , if someone came up to me and asked the question: “Have you heard about coaching?” my answer would have been: “No, I have not”. If the person asking the question was not persistent to explain what coaching is, I would dismiss the question and continue with a more interesting conversation.

When I realized that pursuing a Law Degree was not my passion, I looked for another profession that would allow me to meet and help people. I was introduced to “Coaching” through the International Coach Academy in Australia. So, your question to me will be “What is Coaching”?

Very simply, coaching is a partnership between the coach and client, designed to help the client produce fulfilling results in their personal and professional lives. Coaches help people improve their performance and enhance the quality of their lives. The coach provides a ‘safe’ place for the client to discuss their issues and is assured that whatever is discussed will be confidential.

The coach does not provide solutions to the issues but seeks to elicit solutions and strategies from the client, as it is believed the client is naturally creative and resourceful. The coach will provide support to enhance the client’s skills resources, and creativity that the client already has.

In my next segment, I will talk about the difference types of coaching that are available. Anyone who would like FREE information about coaching, please email me at Protected content .

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