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Coaching on an Oil Rig - Using Corridor Coaching (Trinidad & Tobago)

Coaching Academy Licensed Trainer Caron King took in-house coaching to a completely new level when she accepted a job with the oil and gas industry for 18 months and spent half that time living aboard an oil rig in the North Sea. Her main focus was to help drive up performance, so anywhere where things weren’t working as well as they could do, it was “Let’s walk the process, let’s see it, tell me what’s the problem, tell me how it works.”

Coaching on an oil rig is very different to coaching in a corporate environment, but the same processes apply. Caron won people over by showing a genuine interest in the people she lived with. Asking them to show her, tell her and help her to really understand their jobs. The major questions asked were: "What can I do to help you today?"; "What are the main challenges facing you right now?"; "If I gave you a magic wand, what one thing would you fix?" And then getting them to do something about it same day. By asking these questions, helped the crew to see her as making a difference to their lives.

Living with the guys 24 hours a day, there's nowhere to go but be in each other's company. Caron developed "Corridor Coaching", which was a quick 10min chat while waiting for the kettle to boil. So if you're interested in people, they will start talking to you. This is an "unbelievably rewarding experience" if you are up for it.

Reference: Personal Success article written by Marie-Louise Cook

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