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Focus on your business & tell me what you will do! (Trinidad & Tobago)

Why is the PNM only focussing on the UNC/COP?? I want to hear about what they are doing within their own party. Let Mrs. Bissessar tell me what she is doing in her party. As far as I am concerned, the PNM needs to focus on what they intend to offer the people of the country and deal with the issues that have been plaguing the country for the last 2 1/2 yrs.

Dr. Amery Browne - I am not impressed by the use of the insulting and big words used to describe the opposition members. There is no need to stoop to such a low level. Again, tell me what you intend to do for the people that you are going to represent.

As Mrs. Bissessar indicated on tv tonight - mind your own business.... and she is right....

I want to hear about the issues and the solutions..... then I will know how I am voting. I am treating this like a job offer. I need to know what the job entails, the benefits, about the organization etc. Don't bad talk the competitions employees and other executives and then tell me that your organization is a great one to come and work for. I don't think so..........

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