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If u were not there - u missed a Great UWI fete (Trinidad & Tobago)

UWI Fete was the greatest. My husband and I with some friends arrived at the fete after 12 noon. One thing that you learn about UWI fete is that you go early because all the goodies finish early. We got a table in the food court but towards the far back where the artistes were being allowed in. It was quite breezy and pleasant.

This year, the organizers changed up the layout of the venue. There were 2 areas where bands played to the patrons which was an excellent idea because the patrons were able to decide on the choice of music that they wanted to listen too.

The food was excellent but if anyone next year wants to get something to eat coming down to closing time, then they will have to visit the food area at least 2hrs before the end of the fete.

A great time was had by all. One of our friends, who is a Trini living in London with her husband, had such a great time that she broke down in tears when Benjai sang the song "Trini". When asked why she was crying, her reply was that she missed home, her friends and Carnival.

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