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Leading an Extraordinary Life (Trinidad & Tobago)

Leading An Extraordinary Life
Debra Fentress

In our lives we all make choices on a moment to moment basis. One choice we make without giving it much thought is how we want to live our lives. Most of the time, we go through life doing the same routine in the same way. Even when we "try" something new, we do it the same way we've done everything else. What would happen if you decided to do something in an extraordinary way? How could it change your life or you?

Extraordinary (adjective): defined as "beyond what is ordinary".Â

Mediocrity seems to have become the norm. In fact, now it's becoming commonplace to do things sub par. Lately more articles have cropped up in the news about the lack of customer service and the accompanying horror stories. We reward celebrities, sports figures and rappers for behavior that lands them in jail. And we have laws protecting workers regardless of their performance. So how could your life be different if you chose to stand out by being extraordinary? To do so requires that you first make the decision to be extraordinary. It takes conscious thought of our actions to live a life "out of the ordinary".

Following are six additional characteristics of being extraordinary:

1. Realize You Are The Creator: Take responsibility for everything you do and have created in your life. Things change, time goes by and the only constant is you! This tells you that you and you alone are creating your reality. Only when you accept this responsibility can you really become extraordinary.

2. Stay In Alignment: Live according to your values and avoid compromising them. Our values are what are most important to us. When we live in alignment with our values, we discover that our life has more meaning and flow to it. If you find you're stuck in life, the odds are that you've sold out on yourself and what you believe in. Take a good hard look at where you're settling and right the situation.

3. Keep Your Word: When you say you'll do something, then you do it. No excuses! If you agree to things and don't follow through, you get the reputation of being unreliable. Once this happens, it's a hard one to correct. Only agree to what you know you'll do.

4. Walk Your Talk: Walking your talk could be the hardest. Whatever you say you stand for, back it up with your words and your actions. If you realize you're responsible for your reality, live within your values and keep your word, people recognize integrity in everything you do.

5. Practice Respect: Treat others with respect and kindness. In today's society, this is becoming a lost art. Even our TV commercials promote sarcasm, disrespect and meanness. You will stand out from the ordinary when you treat each and every person as if they were divine messengers.

6. Respect Yourself: Treat yourself with respect and kindness. No one beats us up as well as we do! And we forgive others much quicker than we do ourselves! It's impossible to fully respect others without respecting ourselves as well. No matter how much you fake it, people will pick up on the incongruence.

Once you actually put out the intention to be extraordinary, you'll discover the universe supports you in your endeavor. You might find new people who think like you showing up in your life. Or, those who aren't aligned with the same values as you just quietly disappear. Whichever happens, make note that you're on the right path!

And then, an amazing thing happens---you discover that you were remarkable all along. You just needed to let that part of you shine!

So, here's my challenge to you---for the next 30 days choose to be extraordinary and find out how your life can change for the better!

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