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LUNCH MENU WEEK: 7-11 Nov 2011 (Trinidad & Tobago)

The Verandah
10 Rust Street, St Clair
Protected content

Time: Protected content to 2pm

*Callaloo Soup $32
*Crab Cakes with Shadon Beni Mayo $48
*Carrot, Orange and Pecan Salad with an
Orange Mustard Vinaigrette $34

*Fruit and Vegetable Salad dressed with a Herbed Vinaigrette $50
Two Fruit and Two Vegetables on a bed of Lettuce, Cucumbers and Red Onions garnished with Pecans, Feta Cheese etc
Protected content Grilled Chicken $65
Protected content Grilled Fish $70
Protected content Grilled Shrimp $80

*Smoked Salmon and Potato Salad $80
Layers of Smoked Salmon and Lightly Grilled Potatoes with a Dill Sour Cream sitting on a bed of Lettuce, Red Onions and Cucumbers dressed in our Herbed Vinaigrette

*Spinach and Cream Cheese Stuffed Breast of Chicken with Warm Garlic Butter $95
*Shrimp in Cajun Butter $135
*Tenderloin of Pork and Pimento Pepper Skewers
with The Verandah's Pepper Jelly Glaze $125
*Hearty Beef Stew with Carrots and Petit Pois $95

Monday: Fillet of Tilapia in Coconut Curry Sauce $98
Tuesday: Fillet of Mahi Mahi Pan Seared with an Olive, Caper, Onion and Lemon Sauce $110
Wednesday: Coconut Crusted Fillet of Tilapia with a Chutney $98
Thursday: Fillet of Mahi Mahi Grilled with a Salsa $110
Friday: Fillet of Tilapia poached in a Creole Sauce topped with Tomatoes, Peppers and Onions $98
Protected content with a choice of: Herbed Basmati Rice with Pumpkin
Protected content and Buttered Cassava
Protected content Mashed Potatoes

and an Assortment of Fresh Market Vegetables and Stewed Lentil / Red Beans

All prices are subject to 10% Service Charge Protected content % VAT

Tea in November - Wednesday 9th November Protected content
4pm 630pm
$128 per person + taxes

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