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“I am Freddking-Andrews—My friends call me Mr. FRIENDSFORLIFE INTERNATIONAL: just because the name of my company fits my job description—I make friends across the globe and provide them with conditional employment as marketing practicums to earn the income they need to acquire debt-free homes or to pay their rent and cost of living”

Could you imagine being stuck in any country, with your rent past due, your employer is going out of business, the government is saying aliens go home but you cannot leave? You do not have to imagine this; people are stuck all over the globe right now and don’t know what they are going to do!



Our friendship starts with your conditional employment agreement to market our services and products, to earn the income you’d need to buy your home, and pay for your rent and associated costs of living. That's it...We'll give you a practicum to produce the income, to cover your most essential expenses.

FRIENDSFORLIFE is agreeing to hire and coach you to achieve your personal financial security goals: Regardless of your age, employment, credit, country of origin or residence. You can create as many as Protected content who will be committed to lookout for you.

To subscribe for our services is easy—Go to the landing page below
and select to buy with under Protected content and submit the form. The submitted form is a registration of your intention to be a conditional employee and be pré-qualified for a debt free home and associated cost of living, within six months and beyond.

We will schedule a positive ID meeting on video when you sign-up, to get your agreement confirmation before you’re billed for our monthly business blog subscription. "We really only want you to subscribe, if you are ready and willing to subscribe to yourself."

The business blogs are uploaded on Facebook by committed member subscribers; who boost the blogs as banner-ads, and earn homebuyer credits or referral fees for the people who opt-in and become friends-for-life. Sign-up and get invited to our Positive ID meeting and learn how much making FRIENDSFORLIFE matters to you, and the security it can bring to your life!

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