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Public consensus:- Leave Jack Warner alone! (Trinidad & Tobago)

As much as I want a positive and vibrant opposition in Parliament, the Opposition Leader and soon to be installed PNM Leader needs to do his research. The issue raised about Jack Warner working for FIFA and being a member of Parliament was a valid one. But, before coming out and making statements that would in the end, cause the Opposition Leader to be put in an embarrassing position, indicates that somebody did not do their homework properly.

A strength of Jack Warner, which came out quite clearly during the elections campaign, is the extensive detailed research, that he or his team does on any given issue.

I wait with bated breath, the response to Jack's comment on tv last night, upon his return to Trinidad from South Africa, that he is not an employee of FIFA nor is he getting any remuneration from the organization and no laws are being broken. Population census has shown that the people want Jack as Minister of Works as they see him bringing positive change and improvements to Trinidad and Tobago.

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