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Sash Consulting - evolving etiquette (Trinidad & Tobago)

Shauna Huggins, a qualified etiquette consultant, is offering courses for boys and girls ranging from Protected content .

I signed up my son who is 11yrs old to participate in the The "New Generation" Program; Boys & Girls Protected content

Dates: Saturday's - May 7th - June 11th
Venue: Chaud. # 2 Queen's Park West
Time: 10: Protected content

Introductions, Direct eye Contact, Firm hand shake, Dining, Telephone Etiquette, Emergencies and much much more..

and his and my friend son's feedback on what they learnt was very positive. Marcia and I took the opportunity to sit in the restaurant downstairs and catch up on each other lives while waiting for them to do their session.

I have tried to teach my son some of the things that Shauna is teaching and let me tell you it has been difficult because everything is a joke. Therefore, I am most grateful that I discovered Shauna who will be able to teach him much needed etiquette.

May 22 he will have to work his way through a 5 course formal dinner. The attire is dressy. That should be interesting.

Shauna offers other courses that I will be enrolling my son in and the earlier the better for him that he learns about etiquette. Too many times, you see some people in restaurants slouching over their plates and talking with their mouths full.

Definitely a must for kids!

Shauna Huggins, Director
Sash Consulting...Evolving Etiquette
868.354(SASH Protected content Protected content
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