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We getting close to the Carnival Climax (Trinidad & Tobago)

Well, we are heading towards the climax of Carnival. Hope everyone has been enjoying the various events. I went to Machel's Montano Show on Monday and I would give it a Protected content performance but -5 for the number of bar tents in the VIP section. And guess what? It was a cash bar. So, ya know, I only had one drink for the night as it was difficult to get a drink for the rest of the night. There were more food tents than drink tents.

Will be in Pulse 8 band on Monday and Tuesday and am not looking forward to crossing the stage in the Savannah. Trinidadians have forgotten the long hours of waiting to cross the stage and being on the streets of the capital late in the night. Ah hear that all the bands heading to the Savannah around the same time. Can you imagine - nobody will be moving, because like Benjai say - "we mad and we bad, ah tellin ya"... Trinis will not want to get off the stage..... deh are going to mash up the stage.....

Anyway, hope that anybody playing will walk with tons of sunscreen and be in a party mood because there will be more partying in one spot than moving through the streets of the city.


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