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Window Glass Blast Laminate Film Rolls (Tripoli)

Hello expats, I have blast laminate film rolls for sale , left over from my work here in Tripoli. Extremely tough and durable blast protection glass laminate. Easy installation even for a novice. Protects against smash and grab, rocks, molotov cocktail. and even bomb blasts! For vehicle installation, it is recommended that that it be installed inside and under all glass trim as to withstand bomb blasts. This applies to commercial building glass installation also. Manufactured by Stec Laminates Protected content . The model number is "R1". Installation will be up to the end purchaser. The laminate rolls are 1.5 meter x 30 meters and cover 45 square meters complete. Perfect for glass protection of banks, embassies, government facilities, gold stores, vehicles, etc. Each roll is available at Protected content . Email Protected content or call at Protected content

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