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A New Guy in the City... Totally Lost!!! (Tunis)

Hey everybody,
I am new in Tunis, and will be here for the next 6 month... This city looks really Cool, unfortunately I don't know much about it nor anybody around :( Help Needed...
- First if anybody has some time for a drink and a piece of advises it would be really great
- Can you please suggest some of the nice hangouts in the city, I've been to a couple a places in Gammart and Marsa, it is fine, but I am not too much into those kindda places, I am more looking for alternative places, you know the kindda place place with cheap beers, a lot of artists and intellectuals "Chbaab El Thaoura as they call them in Egypt from all", and most of all Backpackers and Travelers from all over the world, as I have been myself a Traveler for the last few year :)
Thanks for your Help Guys,

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