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Dog looking for a good home-update 6/10/2014 (Tunis)

Im giving my dog for adoption after being away from home for 9 months.

The reason why Im giving him away is because Im living far away and my parents cant take care of him anymore. If you have a backyard that would be perfect. The dog will come with his house, toys and supplies of food that will last for 3 months. Im willing to pay for a vet visit prior to adoption to make sure he is healthy and ready to go.

I would have never gave him away if i could bring him to the united states with me. If you or anyone you know is interested in taking him please contact me. My parents really want to get rid of him and I have no solution.

The dog is well behaved and loving. He is great with other animals and kids. He only needs your love.

I have tons of pictures that I can show you and You can come visit him next week at my place in Tunis. He is 2 years old.

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