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Don't rent this house! (Tunis)

Dear expat community! I am sure many of you have faced the issue of renting a house or apartment here in Tunisia. I hope that you had a good experience when dealing with it. Unfortunately I can't tell the same. I am leaving Tunisia in a few days and all my good impressions about the country were spoiled by my, thankfully, former landlord M. Belhaj Hafedh, who rents a house on rue Archimede 13, Cite les Pins, La Marsa. He made everything to extract as much money as he could from me, starting with refusing to return the deposit Protected content if boxes with my things stay in the house for one or two days more as a moving company couldn't find a vehicle to take them out before the end of the month. Then he started twisting the contract by requesting to find keys to the lock that never functioned and there wasn't any key at all existing to that lock and all the time blackmailing with the deposit. With that I had no other way but to change the lock. He returned the deposit, to give him a credit but until the very last moment he kept creating issues and problems and turned my last two months into a nightmare.
So, just a warning if you come across M. BELHAJ HAFEDH offering to rent his house in Cite Les Pins please avoid the guy unless you are looking for a miserable experience I had.
P.S. This house was suggested by agent Veronique Liagre, who has been dealing with his property for quite some time and I am sure she was aware of the guy's character. Please think twice before using her services as well.

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