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Easy Quick Internet - Need Someone to Take ASAP (Tunis)

Hi All,

I'm leaving Tunis Monday and I need someone to use my Orange Flybox. I signed up for a 1-year contract and need someone to use the remaining months. No signature, no contract needed...

Flybox, what is it?

Protected content

* Plug it into electricity anywhere you get Orange mobile service and you get internet. I recently took it to the south of Tunisia and even got internet at my hotel in Tatouine.
* No new contract, no residency permit, no lease needed
* Internet is secure and password protected
* Easy installation: just plug it into the wall.
* Good solution if you're only here for a few months and don't want to get a permanent line or if your rental unit doesn't have internet.
* More than one person can use the internet at a time (unlike the Orange flash drive internet option). Know a group of friends who share the Flybox at their apartment and stream movies onto their TV. Good, cheap solution for family/roommates
* 39DT per month
* From 23: Protected content each night it is unlimited internet use and free.

* 8 gig limit per month during regular hours and a charge per megabyte after that. However from 23: Protected content each night it is unlimited internet use and free. I've been using it since February (all day every day as I work at home) and have never gone over my 8 gig monthly limit. (I will usually Skype/stream movies during the free hours.)
* Sometimes if the Orange mobile service is spotty, so is the internet.
* A Tunisian friend signed the contract for me and you'll need to return the unit to her in February.

*****I'll need to trust the person who takes it:
1.) to pay every month on time, and
2.) to return the unit back to my friend in February when the contract expires.

*AVAILABLE JUNE Protected content

If interested or have questions, please email me at: Protected content

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