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French kindergarten in Tunis



We plan to soon move to Tunis and plan to stay or at least three years. We would love to use this opportunity for our 4 year old (turning 5 in December) to learn French and also some Arabic. Therefore, although I know there is the American School and the new British School in Tunis, we would like to send her to a French school.

My daughter has been attending a British run nursery school here in Romania for the last 2 years and on the British system she would move into Primary School starting from September. I have read that the French system is different and that Primary School doesn't start until age six. So that means another two years of nursery for my daughter?!! In a way I don't mind as she would be busy learning a new language or two and I've also read that although they start later, the French system is quite intense and they soon catch up to or surpass the English level (? comments anyone).

So to find a French kindergarten. ??

Here on InterNations there is a listing for 'Kidzy' located behind Carrefour in La Marsa. Does anyone know it or have their kids there? Recommend it? Suggest avoiding it..?? The other one which has been mentioned in the forum is 'Kids Club' also in La Marsa but I read somewhere that it only takes children up to 4 years old so no good for me if this is true.

Are there any other recommendations for French speaking kindergartens in the area? Does the International School of Carthage have a kindergarten section?

Any information and comments will be welcomed.

PS It's possible we won't make it to Tunis until after the start of the school year. How full are the schools and would it be advisable to enrol before we come, meaning that we pay for a month or two of schooling even though we are not actually there yet?

Thanks again.

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