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Health shops in Tunis

I used to use only organic groceries and hygiene products before coming to Tunisia. It seems to be pretty much impossible here. So far I have only found 1 health shop, called the Green Land, next to to the main road from Tunis to La Marsa, next to Adecco's office. It turned out to be a big disappointment. If there are other "green" people here, I must urge you to be very careful, if you go to that shop. They added stuff that I did not take myself into the shopping and the coconut oil was off. Of course yes, they did not want to return my money, as it seems to be customary in Tunisia, so I just left all the unwanted and off products there and told them to sell it again. They don't sell any reliable, high quality supplements (e.g. Solgar). The oils and aloe vera juices are clearly not stored correctly etc. So please be very careful if you go there.
Does anyone know of a health shop that is not a scam in Tunis or do I just have to fly to Europe to stock up?

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