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Healthy Lunch- Lac II (Tunis)

New location in Lac II

In the land of Chawarma sandwich, It is not easy to eat healthy.
This gap is now closed by this Fresh salad-bar.
The place is located in Lac I on the lake-road across the street to restaurant Milton.
The concept is that you can create your on salad with the ingredient of personnel preference.
First you pick a pre-packed basic green lettuce. They offer a couple of different mixtures of lettuce. Then you proceed to the salad bar where you can chose between 30 different toppings . Chicken, fish, meat, corn, tomatoes, cheese, carrots, … you name it.
At the end you can choose your preferred dressing from about 8 variants like honey-mustard or cesar.
The base-lettuce is about 5 TND and the toppings vary from 0,4 to 3 TND.
In the end you will end up around Protected content for a salad.

The restaurant is also very nicely decorated and completely non-smoking!

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