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Lack of information in 'Tunis Places'


Hi there
I've been a silent member on this site for almost a year. Only now that our date of moving to Tunisia is drawing near have I started to actively use it as a resource. And I'm a little disappointed. After having initially been exited to find what seemed a comprehensive resource of what's on and available in Tunisia, on closer examination it is full of lots of blanks. I refer specifically to the 'Tunis Places' section of the site. After scrolling for hours through the many forum posts I find that there is actually lots of information available but really, it's difficult to find :-(

This is a plea to everyone to please make entries into the 'Tunis Places' drop down menu. If you know anything useful for others already living in the country, anyone new to the country still trying to find their way around or to people considering a move but unsure what is available once they get here - please, add it in! If you know where to take ballet lessons, or horse riding lessons, or where to shop for a particular unusual item. What about the schools, kindergartens and nurseries?! And medical clinics? Beauty salons? Real Estate agents or the nice beaches to go to... I'm sure there is something everyone can add.

It would be great to make InterNations a resource that we can all turn to and use and not just another on-line means of meeting fellow foreigners (although that's a useful thing too :-).

Looking forward to meeting many of you in the near future (after I've learned all I need to know before I come ;-P).


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