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Looking for expat moms to share info with me pls (Tunis)

Hi y'all,

I'm looking for other expat moms who have already settled in Tunis to share some first hand info and experiences with me. I am currently not settled on the move to Tunis just yet, but before doing so I need to know a few things. My husband words in Libya and I'm considering moving to Tunis with the kids so we can be closer to each other. Where's a good place to move to? Is it really safe yet post revolution? Is it expensive, cheap, etc? Schools- private or public? And nurseries.. How about medical care? What's public transport like? Is having a car a must? Activities for children? Gyms, and classes like Pilates and yoga - in English? Lollll. How about rent and prices? What's the range for a 3 bedroom for example? These are some of the things I'd like to learn about from those of you who are willing to share.

Many many thanks in advance .


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