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Moving to Tunis, Looking for Work.

My name is Ashley But you can refer to me as Aisya in conversation. I am wanting to live in Tunis or Carthage so I have decided to go and visit for a few weeks to a few months and if I find decent work I will stay. Currently I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Administration. I do have experience in this professional area. I will be starting my Masters in Health Management on December 1st and thereafter I will be going for my Bachelors degree in Global Health.

I understand that health care may not be an option for me in Tunis or Carthage. My past experience has included Customer Service in hotels and call centers, tutoring/teaching preschool to school age children, and caring for the elderly or disabled as a Certified Nursing Assistant.

If anyone knows of any work within these areas please comment and let me know and I would be extremely grateful, thank you.

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