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Moving to Tunisia

Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help me? I am hoping to move to Sousse, Tunisia next year but unsure what I need or how to go about it? I have read that you need to get your Carte De Sejour, but this is all I can find. There is not much information online, and what I can find is all different.
Also, could you tell me would I be better renting or buying a house? Can you get a mortgage over there?
I will also need to get a job but not sure what I could do. I am currently studying HNC Business at college and hoping to do the TEFL course before I would move.
How long does the process of each thing take? I am going over hopefully in April for a week and again at the end of June for a month. I am hoping to get everything done within this time and move over some time next year, is this realistic? I will be moving alone. I am Scottish and speak French.
Any information would be great,

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