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Muslim, Christian, Jewish whatever..... (Tunis)

Hi everyone,

I would like to wish to every one in the world a Happy Eid.......I think it's just an opportunity to all of us to look to the person sitting next to us and wish him a good thing like Happy Eid, long healthy life, may (GOD, ALLAH, LORD) or LIFE grant you the best of it and brings all good things to you and all your beloved ones.......... What do you think you would feel when the other person smiles and say SAME TO YOU.


Enjoy being with others, we all need each other, we all live under the same sky and need sun to keep us warm and rain to refresh us, we all need love and friendship, we all wants to wake in the morning wanting to see a rainbow once we open the window over the world.

I would like to send my thoughts to my 2 years old niece who is in Libya... No electricity, No water, she can't play with other children in a yard because it's dangerous, No new dress because shops have been closed for a long time, scared of the noise of NATO air-freighter in the smoky sky of Tripoli, smelling cordite and wondering what is this smell with her little brain .....Well SHE MUST BE BOARD.
I want to tell her that with the love every on have in side I am sure that the world will be better one day.

Also would like to say to any one in the world specially Libyans who might lost a dear one during a stupid war....that they offered their souls for a better life and all bad things will end one day.

Happy Eid to every one and may life grant you the best of it.


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