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Selling Pentax DSLR (Tunis)

Due to lack of time for this hobby, I am selling my Pentax DSLR with some equipment.

Major Features
- PENTAX Shake Reduction mechanism for sharp, blur-free images
This innovative mechanism shifts the position of the CCD image sensor. As a result, it does not require special anti-shake lenses, and can be used with almost all existing PENTAX interchangeable lenses
- High quality image 10,2 Megapixels
High-performance 23.5mm x 15.7mm CCD image sensor with 10.2 effective megapixels.
- Comprehensive Dust Removal system with prevention, removal and confirmation devices
- Dust-proof, water-resistant construction
Extremely reliable dust-proof, water-resistant construction, with special seals applied to 60 different parts of the camera body, including the shutter release button and switches/levers/dials. This dependable body makes it possible to use the K200D in the rain or dusty locations without worries.
- Auto sensitivity control up to ISO Protected content . High-precision 11-point wide-frame AF - Bright, clear viewfinder
- Versatile Auto Picture mode
- Large 2.7-inch wide-view LCD monitor
- Simultaneous recording of RAW-and JPEG-format images possible
incl. In-body development of recorded RAW-format images
- Uses Normal AA-batteries
No special batteries-pack and recharger needed.
Protected content

* Pentax DA Protected content with UV-filter (from day 1 for scratch protection)
Protected content
* Pentax DA Protected content „Travel-zoom“ with UV-filter (from day1)
Protected content

* Pentax AF Protected content
Automatic zoom reflector 24mm Protected content 20mm wide-angle panel; Vertical tilt & horizontal rotate; Cable-less operation with compatible cameras; High-Speed-Synchronization; Contrast control with up to 4 flashes; Modeling and Test flash functions with 10 strobes/sec; Second curtain synchronization
Protected content

Other accessories:
* Battery Grip D-BG3
Includes shutter release button for vertical shooting and exposure lock button. Holds 4 AA Batteries.
Protected content
* IR-Remote control
* 8GB SD-HC memory card
* Bag
* Shoulder strap

If you are interested, please contact here on IN.
Price: Protected content ,- Euro ONO


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