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Speak Out Tunisia, Citizen Journalism

Tunisian PaCTE has been involved to set up a multimedia journalism training project in Tunisia called “Speak Out Tunisia”: a citizen journalism training program. Speak Out Tunisia seeks to leverage the power of a free and fair press to guarantee and sustain Tunisia’s transition to democracy.

Today, we are launching our Kickstarter campaign to raise money for the project. Kickstarter campaigns operate on an "all or nothing" funding model, meaning we must achieve our entire financial goal within 40 days, or we will receive none of the funds pledged to us..

Please watch our video and follow us here: Protected content

The project could not be implemented without your support !
This fundraising model relies completely on the community that supports the project.
So, please feel free to spread the word and forward this on to anyone (friends, colleagues, family) who might be interested.

All the best for the holidays and thank you in advance for supporting free speech in Tunisia.

With gratitude,
Tunisian PaCTE Team

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About PaCTE
PACT association was found on common, spontaneous and innovative movement of solidarity among Tunisians inside and outside country. Immediately after the revolution, hundreds of Tunisian signed over internet the PACT ( Protected content ) to support Tunisia’s march toward freedom, democracy and dignity for all its citizens

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