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Tunis-Activity groups-Consuls

Dear Tunis Community,

My name is Malek Jelassi and I am one of the InterNations Ambassadors of Tunis.
I hope you all enjoyed our last event on the 16th of September at Dar El Marsa. It was a great SUCCESS thanks to your presence!

We want to keep this ENERGY flow and MOMENTUM going by organizing many events in order to embrace our international life and enjoy it to the full extent.Therefore I would like to ask your assistance in achieving this goal which many of us share.

We are looking to have ACTIVITY GROUP CONSULS taking charge of one sector of activity and organise events for Tunis Community. We will always be there to help. I know many of you were interested in this as we spoke during our last event but this is an open invitation to anyone interested.

Please send me a message or email ( Protected content ) and I will gladly answer any questions you may have about the role.

Looking forward to exchange ideas and meeting new consuls.

Kind regards
Malek Jelassi

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