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Tunis hotels for longer term stay??

Hi all,

I have been in Tunisia (Gabes & Tunis) since last week and will be here until this Friday. Will be coming back to Tunis more often for work.

Was wondering if anyone could suggest any good hotels to stay at for a few weeks at a time. Currently at the Plaza Corniche which a friend suggested. Its great because its lively, restaurant is good to, however the hotel is limited when it comes to any other activities, however its size does add to its charm of course.

Btw loving Tunis, now may not be the best time to see the city in all its glory, however I can see the beauty. I hope Tunisia makes it through this rough period, its not easy...

Also any suggestions for good places to eat in La Marsa? Ive done a bit of exploring and would appreciate some suggestions...

Thanks and have a good week

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