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Interviews in Italy (Turin)

I thought I would post this story which happened to me last month.

I had deposited my CV with and I was contacted by a software house from Turin saying their client would like to interview me. The project would be in Friuli and I was enthusiastic. But Friuli is Protected content away so I asked about reimbursing my expenses. They told me, only if I accept the job. The job description amounted to 2 lines, so I repeatedly asked if I could first speak to the client by phone or Skype to check that there were good chances of success. This request was ignored and the interview was cancelled without explanation just 2 days before.

I think this story indicates that there are "cowboy" agencies out there which cannot be bothered to acquire job descriptions and consequently present unsuitable clients to job seekers. And of course it's the job seeker who has to pay for their incompetence.

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