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Dear Friends and cinema lovers by this neswsletter i thank you all for your warm partecipation at the past cinema events and wish you a very happy - healthy - lucky Protected content !
Upcoming Year's News:
About our free home cinema events, it is my intention to plan lots of exciting movies under the following categories:
- TOP OSCAR's WINNERs: movies who had collected the high numbers of oscar awards in the Cinema's history. We will start with "Ben Hur" Protected content "Titanic" Protected content , both retailing the record of 11 awards ! and then will go forward with "lower" scores.
- TOP 100's AFI: movies classified by American Film Institute as the best ever made. We will start with the 1th classified "Citizen Kane" Protected content then going down in the list.
- TOP 100's BFI: movies classified by British Film Institute as the best ever made. We will start with the 1th classified "The third man" Protected content then going down in the list.
- TOP 100's LOVE MOVIES: movies classified by AFI as the best ever made: We will start with the 1th classified "Casablanca" Protected content then going down in the list.
- GREAT DIRECTORS: We will watch the best masterpieces by the same director. As you can't judge the work of a painter by just one painting, you need more movies to appreciate a great director. We started with Sydney Pollack "The way we were" and we will continue with his masterpieces "Out of Africa", "They shot horses, don't they?","Three days of the Condor" and so on .... of course focusing later on other directors.
- GREAT ACTORS: as above, we will look a number of movies starring the same actor. We started with Marlon Brando ("On the waterfront" and "The wild one") and we will continue with other his great movies like "Sayonara", "A street car named desire", "Last tango in Paris", "Reflection in a golden eye", "The godfather". Of course focusing later on other actors.
- MOVIES SHOT IN TURIN: we will watch all the great movies shot in the most faschinating streets and places of our beautiful city Turin ! We will start in january with "The italian job" Protected content british production with international cast ( Michael Caine, Noel Coward ) shot mainly in the city center: one of the best cinema's great robbery and car chase trhough the streets of Turin, you will see Mini Cooper cars drove everywhere, down the stairs of palazzo Madama and Gran Madre Church; on the curved roof of palazzo a Vela and even crossing the Po's waterfalls !!! Don't miss it ! It is the first foreign movie that has enlighted Turin to the rest of the world. We will continue with "La signora della domenica"; "Profondo rosso" and so on ...
- MUSICALS: the great timeless musicals of the cinema history, like "Singing in the rain", "An american in Paris", "Seven brides for seven brothers", and so on....
- CANNESS FF: the best movies prize winner or shown at the Cannes film festival, like "The cranes are flying", "Le tambour" and so on ...
- MEMBERS's CHOICE: if you have a beloved movie you want to share with us, please write your request on the wall's group. We will start soon with the following request:"EVITA" starring Madonna and A.Banderas; "The great gatsby" (comparing the Protected content Protected content .
So Dear i hope to see you numerous in all our upcoming new exciting events !

Maurizio Fiora

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