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Seige of Canelli, Sunday 16th June 2013 (Turin)

Canelli is a provincial town in Monferrato close to Asti, Alba and Nizza. In the third weekend of June, ( Protected content ) it hosts a re-enactment of the famous Seige of Canelli when Carlo Gonzaga invaded the territories of Carlo Emanuele of Savoia in the war of Monferrato succession. This year is the 400th anniversary and should be special.

The military actions will centre around the castle (Castello Gancia) and the church of San Leonardo in Villanuova. So I'm inviting IN friends to come and enjoy the fun at 10:30 to watch the battle at 11:00 and afterwards have lunch at one of the Osterie. All the town's cellars including Gancia, Contratto, Bosca etc. will be open for guided tours and wine tasting.

The defense of the town is the responsibility of Colonel Taffini, officer comnmanding the loyal troops of his grace, Carlo Emanuele, duke of Savoia. In view of the precarious military situation, all strangers are required acquire the Tiletto, or identity document - otherwise you risk being arrested as a spy and imprisoned or locked in the stocks. Outsiders should also apply for the "Bulletta di Sanita" a document to show they are free of plague. For those who are more concerned with the health of their eternal souls, the adepts of the Convent of S. Agostino will be distributing to the contrite, the Indulgence of Pope Paolo V which will absolve you of your sins.

Colonel Taffini is confident that the final victory is assured and that the armed bandits sent by Carlo Gonzaga will be driven back across the river Belbo. Victory lunches will be prepared at 12:30 in the inns and taverns of the town. After lunch, victory celebrations and public expressions of joy will continue ...

In view of the lack of coin during the seige, the military authorities have decreed that the only acceptable currency during the emergency will be the so called "testone" but stangers will be able to acquire these at the various money tables.

Alas the railway station of Canelli is now closed. Peter Allen may be organizing car sharing from Turin, and I may be able to pick others at Asti station. More details in due course...

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