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Must Love Dogs! (Ulan Bator)

Hello Every one!
I have to go to Erlin to renew my Visa and i think i will have to be gone for a few days. i have a crazy question coming from a stranger and newbie to the group but gonna put it out there!
I looking for some one to baby sit with my doggie! he is an 11 yr old Mim Pin. came with me from Los Angeles, travels with me every where, But the monks here are not dog people and i just wonder if any one would care to have some company for a few days. I will bring him to UB, I can offer a bit of a donation. but not much i am a monk and just get a small stipend.
he is a sweetheart. barks at strangers, very protective, house broken but if left in the house all day he will go in the bathroom, if you put down his traininng pads, he is very spoiled loves to sleep with some one and will beg to do so but will give up if you are stren and say no. also he is kindy chunky [ok...very fat] and wants to eat everything you eat. but again he will give up if you are stren and say no.
Sooo... thats is it! any takers!? :)

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