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How on earth can i get a Personnummer? (Uppsala)

Hi all,

My name is Mathew and i have moved to the north of Sweden - Ornskoldsvik, to be with my girlfriend. I have no job and am working only on my youtube channel at the moment to bring in some money. I need to find a job but learning Swedish is not easy on your own, and Skatterverket are no help, refusing me the ID number i need to enter into the SFI program. I would like to work and have many skills in a variety of roles, including a degree in accounting and finance, and caring for those with learning disabilities. I have applied for some jobs, but to no avail, and now im kind of lonely and feeling the need to partake in society even as a volunteer, but am met with dead ends wherever i turn. Any advice you helpful bunch can give would be much appreciated!

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