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job institute suggestions (Uppsala)

Hi.Iam a new swedish resident,from Uganda.I am asking for advice on which institutes I can apply to,to teach English as a foreign swedish is A1,just a beginner,and i have found that the challenge in getting jobs in Sweden.Iam a teacher by profession.English as a second language,specially to people from different lingual and ethnical backgrounds.I am .also a writer of English language educational material.I create and organise courses at all levels of proficiency,from beginner to advanced as well as business english.I'm also a tutor for those sitting the IELTS/TOEFL examinations.I am interested in Dalarna especially Borlänge but most of all in Uppsala.ofcourse if you have suggestions from other places i would appreciate it stockholm,Gothenburg etc..where there exists multicultural nationals.Any suggestions of places i should apply?

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