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Brian Norris
"When first moving to Washington, D.C., I didn't know many people outside of the office. InterNations has changed that with some exciting events."
Caroline Stiles
"In such an international city such as Washington, D.C. InterNations holds great events for everyone to network and enjoy themselves."

The InterNations Expat Guide for working and living in the United States

Are you an expat working and living in the USA? Or are you preparing to move soon to Washington D.C., Los Angeles or any other of the American international hotspots?

Expat life in the USA has much to offer and provides a great intercultural experience – from discovering the countryside like the pleasantly mild Pacific Northwest, learning how American people celebrate the Fourth of July, up to tasting the USA’s favorite dishes such as stuffed turkey.

However, InterNations does not only address expats in the USA. We have brief overview guides for various locations around the world – from living in Costa Rica to living in Saudi Arabia.

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Top Articles in the United States Expat Guide

  • Moving to the USA

    Attracted by the abundance of possibilities and the incredible vastness of the United States of America, international migrants are moving to the USA in droves. The InterNations Guide on the United States provides you with information on visa categories, residence permits, and more.
  • Living in the USA

    As an expat living in the USA, you will come to appreciate the country for its varied scenery and its multitude of cultures. Its diversity is reflected in its society, geography, and even climate. Our Expat Guide briefs you on healthcare, education, and public transportation in the USA.
  • Working in the USA

    Because of the country’s sheer possibilities, working in the USA may be an attractive option for you. Besides the dream of making it from rags to riches, there are many reasons for choosing the USA as your expat destination. The InterNations Guide tells you all you need to know, from working conditions to job-hunting.
  • Demographics of the US

    The United States, home to people with origins in all corners of the globe, is the third most populous country in the world. Only India and China have larger populations. In this overview, we briefly touch upon noteworthy facts about the demographic makeup of the United States.
  • Buying Property in the USA

    While buying property in the USA is rather common, it also comes with a lot more red tape than renting. In addition, the language may make it even harder for expats to deal with the paperwork. We give you some pointers on how to navigate the process of purchasing your dream home.
  • Visiting a US Dentist

    Whether it is a cavity or a regular check-up, sooner or later a visit to the dentist becomes inevitable. After their move to the United States, expats often don’t know where to turn when they get a toothache. We tell you how to find a US dentist and how to finance the treatment.
  • Tourist Attractions in the US

    As is known all over the world, the United States is not only one of the most popular countries for expatriates, but also a leading tourist destination. In their report for 2012, the World Tourism Organization ranked the US second worldwide in the number of international tourists.
  • Crime in the United States

    Thousands of crimes are committed in the US every day. These include violent criminal felonies, but to a much larger extent are made up of property crime and white collar crime. In this article, we’ll discuss common types of crime, capital punishment, and law enforcement in the US.
  • Childcare in the US

    Are you moving to the US with young children? Do both you and your spouse work? Then you will probably need to find childcare in the US. Our article guides you through the different available options, enabling you to make the best choice for your family.
  • Banks in the US

    What types of banks and bank accounts exist in the US? How do you choose the right bank for you? Find out about different types of bank accounts, building up your credit history, and making money transfers in this InterNations guide on US banks.
  • Nonimmigrant US Visa

    There are many different types of nonimmigrant US visa and every individual case can further differ. The following article therefore does not claim to be fully comprehensive. It does, however, give you a first overview as well as some pointers on where you can find more information and help.
  • US Income Tax for Expats

    Paying income tax in the US is complicated. Tax is due on several levels: You need to pay US income tax to the federal government as well as the individual state. Sometimes, local income tax is also due. This overview helps expats to navigate such tax issues, providing guidance for filing your tax returns.
  • Applying for Jobs in the US

    So, you want to live and work in the United States? You have already found a few jobs that you’d like to apply for – what next? Our brief overview of the job application process in the US will guide you through the search for jobs, from the resume to the official interview.
  • Buying a Car in the US

    Having your own four wheels can make life in the USA much easier. However, since importing a car can be quite a hassle, buying a car in the US is often the simpler choice. InterNations tells you what to look out for when choosing a vehicle and tells you about the change of ownership process.

Working and living in the United States – Valuable Information from A to Z

Moving to and living in the USA requires a wealth of up-to-date, trustworthy information on various aspects of American expat life. Living abroad in the USA raises a lot of questions such as: ʺHow do I find the best relocation services for moving to the USA?ʺ, ʺHow do I stave off culture shock after arriving in the States?ʺ, ʺWhich international school in Washington D.C. should our kids attend?ʺ or, ʺHow do I obtain a work permit for my spouse at the American municipality in New York City?ʺ

Collecting all that information on working and living in the USA is quite laborious and time-consuming. Our InterNations Expat Guide for the United States aims to help you and provides you with reliable info on those topics that matter to expats living in the USA. The Guide includes information on many different areas ranging from travel and accommodation, to education & children or culture and sights, up to housing & household. Typical questions related to expat life abroad, such as ʺCan you help me find a language partner to improve my business English and knowledge of American corporate culture?ʺ, will no longer remain unanswered.

Are you curious about expatriate living outside the USA? Then read more about our various expat guides, such as living in Ecuador or living in Egypt!

Tips on living and working in the United States – From international schools to foreign chambers of commerce

Moreover, our expat directory for the USA includes recommended listings of expat institutions and relocation services, e.g. international schools or foreign chambers of commerce. As a member, you’ll also be able to share your experiences of living abroad in the USA with your fellow expats on the InterNations Forum. We are looking forward to welcoming you with a heart-felt Hello from our expats living and working in the USA.

Brian Norris
"When first moving to Washington, D.C., I didn't know many people outside of the office. InterNations has changed that with some exciting events."
Caroline Stiles
"In such an international city such as Washington, D.C. InterNations holds great events for everyone to network and enjoy themselves."

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