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Culture, Shopping, and Recreation in the US

If there is one recurring theme in the articles in this category of our expat guide to the USA, indeed in the country’s culture, it is diversity. The world’s most prototypical immigrant country today incorporates influences from cultures and peoples hailing from all around the world under one roof, so to speak.

While there are surely some broad trends and general patterns one can observe throughout the nation, the culture you will experience strongly depends on the region you relocate to upon your move abroad to the United States. In many cities, you will even be able to experience two completely different worlds just a few blocks away from each other.


American cuisine is haunted by a persistent stereotype of being of poor quality. As with all other stereotypes, it is hard to get rid of, and some might say there was a kernel of truth to it (although the snack foods that draw criticism hardly qualify as ‘national cuisine’), but by and large, there is little substance to this claim. As an expat living in the US, you will soon discover the huge variety of traditional specialties every region, state, and city has to offer. Many dishes might be familiar to you from your home country, but they will have an undeniable American twist to them. Discovering new things, including tastes and flavors, is the reason many of us go abroad in the first place, and American cuisine will give you a lot to discover.

Domestic Tourism in the US

Seeing how the United States is such a vast country with many different climates, landscapes, regional identities, and urban centers that beckon exploring, expats in the US could very well spend most of their holidays getting to know the myriad facets their new host country has to offer. They’d be in good company, too: domestic tourism is hugely popular in the US. Some of the most frequently visited areas in the country include its many metropolises: New York, Washington D.C., Boston, Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco…the list goes on. If you are more of the outdoorsy type and are looking for a great way to spend some time in unspoiled nature, you should definitely look into visiting one of the almost 60 national parks in the US. No matter if you are into hiking, rock climbing, fishing, or camping; no matter whether you simply want to marvel at the diversity of natural beauty present in all corners of the US or want to dive right into it – the national parks have in store what you have been looking for.

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