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Health and Insurance in the USA

The US healthcare system is not easy to navigate. Until recently, residents and citizens were not required to get health insurance, leaving many in debt. Although this has changed with the reform, many things are still unclear. On the upside, the quality of medical services in the USA is fantastic.

In January 2014, having health insurance has become mandatory in the United States, with the goal of ensuring that all people in the country get access to proper healthcare. Whether you are covered by an international insurance policy or sign up with a provider in the USA is up to you. You can even fall back on Medicare or Medicaid if you are eligible to receive social security benefits. If you choose a US health insurance and are in need of medical attention, make sure that you pick a doctor or a hospital in your provider’s network. After all, not every medical service or facility is covered by your provider and you might end up with a hefty bill by the end of your treatment.

Health Specialists in the USA

No matter where you come from or how good your health is, at some point you may need more than just your general practitioner or family doctor. Visiting a US dentist, for instance, will be inevitable at some point, be it for your annual check-up or to take care of a toothache. Fortunately, there are a lot of dentists throughout the country, offering excellent services. While you will be in good hands, not every insurance policy includes a dental plan and it makes sense to check with both your provider and your dentist to find a way of financing your treatment. Women who are planning to give birth in the USA will also find that there are many ob-gyns and midwives around who can support them during and after their pregnancy. There are various specialists and birth centers to choose from.

Pharmacies and Health Precautions

There are about 67,000 pharmacies in the United States with highly qualified staff ready to offer advice on any type of medication you might need. Many of these pharmacies are located in drug stores and grocery stores. However, lots of medication used to treat minor ailments is also available over the counter in regular grocery stores. While you can, under certain circumstances, import your own medication, there are many restrictions you should keep in mind. Generally, the USA is a relatively safe place to explore. Aside from the standard vaccinations, there are few health risks to worry about. However, health warnings and occasional outbreaks may occur in certain areas or during certain times of the year.

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