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Housing and Accommodation in the USA

In the USA, it is more common for people to buy their own home than to rent. No matter which of those options you choose, a realtor may help you throughout the process. Finally, no matter if you move to New York or San Francisco, don’t forget to set up your utilities in your new home.

There are a number of destinations in the United States which are, and always have been, popular among immigrants and expats. New York is probably the most famous of them, but San Francisco, Miami, and Chicago also make it to the top ranks. At the same time, however, there are many downsides to living in these cities, such as the population density and the high rents. It thus makes sense to take a second look at the cities Americans are migrating to and the areas which have a promising economic upswing ahead of them.

Buying vs. Renting

Buying a house or an apartment in the USA is a fairly straight-forward procedure. In general, there are many properties for sale and realtors focus largely on bringing sellers and buyers together. However, this doesn’t mean that you do not have to jump some bureaucratic hurdles. As most expats do not have much of a credit history in the United States, getting a mortgage is probably the most difficult part. Those who come to the country for a short time only are usually better off renting a home. In some cities, it may be easy to find an affordable house or apartment. In others, you may need strong nerves and a big budget to find a place to live. In any case, you should take a second look at the rental agreement and make sure you understand it before signing it.

Setting Up Your Utilities

Many underestimate the cost of their utilities, including electricity, heat, and waste disposal. Depending on how much is included in the gross rent and on the size of your home, the costs may amount to almost as much as your monthly rent. The number might be even higher if you factor in telephone and cable TV bills. In any case, you should take care of your utility connections early on. In many cases, a simple phone call to the electricity provider of your choice or to the responsible department in your county is enough to set up an account. However, the process of getting connected might actually take a few days or even a few weeks.

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