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For all the British people, please help me out!! (Utrecht)


Hello everybody!
I am studying for English teacher, and for the course Made In Britain I want to interview British expats who live in the Netherlands.

I would really appreciate if you take the time to contact me for a interview chat, or just by replying these question;

Kind regards,


Where do you live?
What do you do for a living?
Which part of the UK are you from?
Is it possible to give a description about the identity of the people of that particular region of UK?
How would you describe a typical British person?
Could you describe differences between Scottish, Welsh and English people?
What brought you to NL?
What made you stay?
“Do you distinguish differences between UK and NL in:
- education;
-food and drinking;
- attitude;
- religion;
- politics.”
Was it hard to learn the Dutch language?
Do you participate in Dutch festivities such as Kingsday, Sinterklaas or Carnaval as celebrated in the southern parts of NL?
Do you still celebrate some typical British festivities? Is it easy to get personal relations with Dutch people?
Could you describe some differences between the Royal Families of UK and NL?
Which things do you miss from the UK?
Do you still vote for UK?
Are there some typical British habits still important for you?
Which Dutch habits did you adopt?
Are there Dutch habits that you find ridiculous?
“What do you appreciate about living in NL?
What things can be annoying?”
Is there a British habit you would like to introduce?
Could you recommend some places in UK to go to for holidays?
How British do you feel in NL?

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